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About Dreamboys. I guess ever since I came across a performance of Next Dream a few years ago, I've really wanted to see this play, even if the storyline isn’t all that great. Apart from Kame, Koki, and Tagu- I mean, Nakamaru, the show impressed me by how much effort was put into it. I can only compare to the one other Johnny’s thing I’ve seen, which was Jin’s concerts in LA&SF, but it’s not even close to the same thing b/c that was a concert. But just, for example, in the opening scene they have fish jumping, and it’s people wearing fish outfits and doing air flips from below the stage just to give off the impression of fish splashing in the water. Or, adding an actual burnt smell and rolling red cloth on the floor to give off the feeling of real fire. And the background music in most of the scenes were just gorgeous (Next Dream!!) and further added to the atmosphere. (oh, how I wish they'd release a CD!) It was a lot of just these little things that added to the play which I appreciated ♥ 

One thing I am pretty sure of after watching it twice is that (most of?) the songs were lipsynched, but to a track that they probably recorded especially for Dreamboys. For example, at the beginning of Run for You both times I saw it, Nakamaru goes slightly off-key at the exact same part in the exact same way, and Koki in One on One coughs at the same part… I’m not really surprised though.

Okay for favorites. Favorite Kame solo was Bad Dream. Right after intermission so I was taken by surprise. Kame was "controlling" things that happened in the background video, making him look like a god. It was a simple concept but the effect was nice. My brother (who is not a fan, doesn't understand Japanese) told me a few days later that he wished he could watch Dreamboys one more time just to see this again, so it's definitely a winner.

Listening back on the fanrecording, there’s this one part I really like which is kind of a mash-up of aishiteiru kara, kizuna, and koki’s rapping (right after anarchist). That sent shivers up my spine. It was during a scene switch from Koki's boxing gym to Kame's baseball diamond, with Juri standing in between looking sort of torn. I don't know why but the dichotomy in that image really stuck - the calm with the fierce - and was good foreshadowing for later on.

Favorite Koki part is his duet with Kame in heaven. His voice is so good; I think this is the first time in the show he really sings and it's such a pity he doesn't do it more.  I remember during the beginning my sister asked, "Is Koki the bad guy? Because all of his songs are really scary." Yes, that is more his style so when he did this song (I know it's a standard in all Dreamboys) it was the best <3

Favorite Nakamaru part is…not really a musical number but this one fight scene towards the end when he's protecting his band from Koki's boxing underlings. I never saw Nakamaru as much of a fighter so I was impressed. So cool! (Then there was the scene with Koki in the hospital. Can I just say I cried despite my incompetent listening skills?)

Yep that's about it...Okay, so after the show we talked about what we thought about it. My brother mentioned that he didn't really like the two main women who played in it. (He said the scenes with them in it are always boring!) Then he complained that they kept coming out with multiple performances at the end during Showtime.

Me: but they only came out once… (to sing Andalucia ni Akogarete)

J: no, that was the second time. Remember she came out right after Koki did his bed thing? She was fighting the samurai.

Me: What? Nakamaru came out right after Koki did his bed thing. /slow

J: Really? No, but she definitely came out.

(the next day)

Me: Wait, can you describe the woman's samurai fighting thing more? I think you meant Kame's 1582.

Kat: Wahhhttt? no no no impossible. How can he get them confused?

J: NO it was definitely the woman. And she was flying!

Me/Kat: …You just confirmed that it was Kame. The woman never flies.

Kat: lololol HOW?!?

I didn't know if I should laugh or cry XD

Date: 2011-09-21 10:32 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] scorch66.livejournal.com
Everyone keeps talking about how great Next Dream is :( I want to hear it so bad :( /fingers crossed for DVD

The effects you described sound so cool! I can't even understand Japanse so the story would fly oover my head any, but the grandour of the performance would make up for it *____*

I've watched fancams from previous DBs shows so the lip-synching isn't a surprise. They have complicated choreos while they sing and stageplays are supposed to have a more 'formal' feel than a concert after all. Can't have any screw-ups.

Your borther liked Bad Dream and your siblings can identify the members and went to see DBs with you. YOU HAVE SUCH AWESOME SIBLINGS *____* ♥

.....ok, so maybe they can't identify the members. LMAOLMAOLMAO omg, your brother's confusion. dying. XDDDDDDDDDDDDD show him BtR's 1582 and revel in his mindwarp XDDDD

Date: 2011-09-22 02:19 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ichigohunny.livejournal.com
Well, Next Dream is kinda like the theme song of DB, so they have it every year! But yeah it never gets old. (there's fanrecordings out there, I'm sure?;_;) I'd die of happiness for a DVD! /crosses fingers as well

Yeahhh well at least you probably would know most of the story! seeing as it's (almost) the same every year XDDD

I also agree about the stageplays being more serious; since for concerts, there's a lot of cheering/jumping/standing while for Dreamboys we just sat and clapped.

My siblings! (yes they are awesome ^_^) I can never shut up about KAT-TUN at home so I'd be surprised if they didn't know who was who.
lol I think my brother was scarred for life actually. But okay Kame was more girly than usual for 1582 this year omg. I saw some of the papa pics and he sooo pretty that I'm kind of jealous. T_T


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