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Recap: Last time, Going! came out right after the new album was announced. It was right in the middle of concert tours. As a comparison, I believe in 2009 Rescue was released way before the tours, while the album was released right before, in April... and their concerts were in May…I think.

Also, recording  the NMP album had been going on in April of this year, even before Going! came out on May 12 (thus, this is their first chance “reacting” to the drop in sales). Since I believe they had already finished recording when they announced the album right before Going! came out. However, it seemed like they already expected the drop in sales, thus the reason for making the PV and grand instrumental track for NMP. These were like, "extras" to create more incentive to buy the album, I thought.

blahblahblah. I know I'm not making any sense.

anyway. reasons…. why this may do better or worse

So, LE2 of Change Ur World only sold out today. I don’t remember how it was for Going!, but for NMP the LE sold out real quick. Like in less than a day. (Of course for Love Yourself both LEs sold out within 1-2 days, but that can’t really be compared. Going! sold considerably slower.) Seriously pre-sales don’t seem to be able to predict how total sales will do. Or maybe it’s different for albums and singles. Because the album presale sold out pretty fast… the actual weekly sales were not as high.

Another thing that I believe reduces potential sales is that KAT-TUN really don’t have any way of exposing themselves to the Japanese public in the past half-year or so, unless you’re a hardcore fan. I have always felt that dropping Cartoon KAT-TUN really did make a difference. Sure, ratings were only like 5% per episode but that’s still a lot of people watching. More people than now, where they don’t even have anything. It’s part of the reason I really wished their surprise was announcing a new TV show rather than a new single….
At the moment they have to rely on what promotion time they can get on Going! S&N and appeal to...sports lovers - not the ideal audience to sell a single to.

ummm. I don’t know, I’m just scared for the sales right now even though there’s nothing (or almost nothing) I can do. It’s not that I want to prove something to the world about KAT-TUN but I just don’t want sales to be 'atrocious' again, seeing as they really seem to be trying hard this time. I want them to have average JE-like sales (okay, maybe just above average. heck, fine, I want them to break 250k. That’s all I want.) so that they can continue to have exposure and release more music. I don't want them to fade into obscurity. I hope their efforts produce good results. Though in some ways, the slightly lower sales will motivate them to work harder, I guess.

Seriously, Kame really needs to work on his singing. Maybe the reason Going! didn’t do so well was because of the terrible lives. J/K, Rescue & One Drop also did not have good lives but they sold well. But I want to be able to enjoy the lives this time, and not be scared/nervous/dreading every time Kame opens his mouth. If you can’t handle it/stay on key, please step down from being the lead singer. I like it better when you sing the supporting lines anyway. At least it’s something different.

Also, why does it somehow feel like he’s being left out/not participating in LE 2? He’s in the group songs, sure. But U is doing Neetoman and TTN are doing Girls……wow.

Idk why or how this ended up being a rant about Kame. Just rest, get some sleep, so that you have the energy to work hard. You need to. I feel somehow sad that he doesn’t quite meet my expectations. Are mine too high? Or has he really been doing not so good recently?

mmmh I must be really tired. maybe I should just take my own advice, and stop worrying for now, at least until the previews come out. <sigh> I hate waiting though.

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