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I finished Bandage today! ahem, finally. I really liked it, actually!

The second half was actually more interesting than the first half, to me. Even though it seemed like it didn’t make all that much sense all the time. For example, I still don’t really “get” how Asako ruined LANDS. Well, maybe a little bit. Either they were referring to the way Natsu was so fixated on her (I guess now thinking about it, he “required” Asako to be at the practices, even threatening not to work if she wasn’t allowed to be there - I’d forgotten about that…) or that Asako wasn’t a very good manager and didn’t allow the band to “do what they wanted”. Since she was LANDS’s manager for part of the time, did they blame her? I’d be betting more on the first option though.

I thought Natsu was kind of scary though, in the unpredictable kind of way.  The violence scenes, especially, got to me. I guess I kind of felt sorry for him? both of them, really. Though I think of the ending as a really happy in the sense that it seemed like both of them got over the "hating themselves" phase, or were in the process of it.

Anyway, I loved the way they showed a lot of scenes on the music-making process, and the recording process. It was nice, and brought back some memories from the NMP making of. I think my favorite song is probably “Hatachi no sensou” - aka ‘Twenty Year Old’s War’. When I first heard the title I always misread it as the “Twenty Year Old War” and thought it was some history reference (fail, I know). But it makes more sense now that it is the war of the twenty year old people. hahaha.

I love Hikaru Utada. So much ♥ Goodbye Happiness is lovely. and Simple and Clean of course, always
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