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May. 8th, 2011 12:56 am
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OMG I just watched SCP (part of it, at least). And The Kamenashi confirmed something that I had been suspecting for a loooong time.

you might not believe me but I wrote this entry back in November 2010... it was a huuuge essay and I know I'm super wordy, hahahha.

tl;dr evidence and deduction XD )
The Kame and n thing is old news, probably. But yeah, he said he doesn't like to put his name on songs that he doesn't really strongly associate with. Anyways, I'm still like 99.99999% sure that he wrote 1582. XDDD
Further expanding on that, he mentioned in the last Maquia article, that he likes to keep "secrets" about his life. As in, he will reveal his romantic views but keep the details secret. It would make sense that the songs he does credit seem really - vague in terms of anything concrete, like details/places/setting. I think it's because they really are 'personal' to him.


Feb. 25th, 2011 01:14 am
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I love you ;_;

why do you have such a huge heart T_________T
(I'll still cry for your sake though)
yes I've been reading shady magazine translations
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it's not the first time he has expressed his great unhappiness for that site :'D

Though I say this, I do feel for him. I get people's fascination with celebrities, really. It's like a story that never ends, more real and tangible than even a TV drama. story of life, real people, etc. And I always feel guilty for having mixed feelings about this topic, since I loooove when we see papa pics, but also knowing that it's fundamentally wrong. Because really, private life should remain private. PRIVATE. :( Even if it were something momentous like akakame spotted together at the supermarket, I might cry and cry that I'll never hear about it but it would still be the right thing to do to not tweet about it T_T


Oct. 16th, 2010 09:03 pm
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.......... )
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"I would rather sacrifice myself than have the four fall down! I will protect you."

lol Kame, so sweet and adorable, ILU forever~


hahahhaha go celebrate :3


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