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The other day I was at the movie theater with my friend and siblings, to see The Green Hornet. We got there kind of early before the official trailers had started, so we were just chatting with each other while waiting. and I didn't really pay attention to what was happening on the screen, but at one point I turned my head and freaked out when I saw NINO'S HUGE FACE displayed across the imax theatre screen. Suddenly it was like the twilight zone or something similar... Here was Arashi all of a sudden in "real life"! And it was so completely random :(

Me: oh my GAWD. OH MY Gggg.....
My friend: *in the middle of telling me about her job interviews* huh?
Me: *suddenly very disoriented* ...uhhh nothing. um. okay. w-what were you saying? what? What? WHAT?!.......

It took me awhile to recover from shock, and I don't even like Arashi o_o

Then today I was buying stuff for school at the textbook store, when I was scanning the magazines along the wall. I could see...magazines with various celebrities, (of which Miley Cyrus was the only one I recognized...-_-) video games, home magazines, blahblabblah...then - ad for Gantz- on the top shelf. Lol it turned out to be the back cover of a Shonen Jump magazine (apparently someone else also greatly appreciated the ad).G

I've been thinking about actually going to see the movie just because I've been hearing a lot about it, but that's only if I can fight off my laziness. (^_^)


Jun. 25th, 2010 10:21 pm
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It's really hard to explain how much this song affects me.

When I first heard it, it was from a random radio show on which Kame and Junno were promoting their 5th album. I was skimming through the program, since I don't even understand Japanese, just wanted to hear Kame and Junno talk. And I heard this song playing the background. I thought, it's a new KAT-TUN song! and It sounds nice excitedly. Of course, I didn't know the title or anything. When the CD came out, I heard the full song for the first time. Faraway really caught my interest, from the first few beats until the very end. At first, I thought it was a nice melody, but assumed since it's just another one of those ballads that I would get bored of soon. (I do like songs like Neiro, and Smile, but uhhh dunno I don't really listen to those songs on repeat) The first few times I played it, I couldn't even remember the melody afterward. I just knew that it was good and I liked it whenever it was playing.

it made really me DDD: a lot )

More than anything, I think this latest album is something for which I really enjoy listening to the tracks in order, more so than for their other albums. To me, there's such a variety of feelings filled in this album, and each song is KAT-TUN in its own way. I think someone said this and I agree: that this "No More Pain" is almost like a journey (maybe KT are seeking catharsis), from the dramatic opening song "N.M.P." which is almost like a desperate cry for salvation until the very end, with "HELLO" it's like they're starting afresh again.


Jun. 21st, 2010 08:52 pm
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Yamapi? New single? :D

People have been saying that the DVD's gonna include the concert date when Jin came and visited! Maybe Jin fans will buy it as well and boost sales? and... I remember for QOP concert DVD they decided to release the day Yamapi came as well! This is clearly a JE marketing strategy XD

But seriously, if this is true it makes me feel kinda sad, Jin and Yamapi seem to have such a well-publicized friendship it's almost like JE is using that friendship for promotional purposes. I dunno, it just feels cheap. Or maybe that's just me thinking too much about things.

Gosh I remember I used to be such a huge fan of Yamapi (and kinda NEWS as well) but of course this was before KT came into my life ^_~
Daite Senyorita was goooood... hope he does a PV this time too and hope it's more exciting than Loveless looollllll


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