Happy 27th

Oct. 3rd, 2010 10:59 am
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Seeing this boy from a few years back, you'd never expect what kind of man he'd turn out to be today.

a metamorphosis?! )

to the guy who's always trying to alter his "image", (but has had the same hairstyle for 3 years), happy 27th birthday!

also, KAT-TUN fans are amaaazing! lol
Change Ur World preview has been out for less than a day, it's really bad quality, but there's already a piano rendition of it! <3

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I love you Tatchan~ I have specific performances for each member for which I realize that I'm truly in love. (I fell for KAT-TUN as a group, and only after that fell for each of the members separately, lol) for you, it was watching your Hana no Mau Machi fancam last year, and this is the song that left an impression on me. Can you blame me for loving it even more with the extra instrumental accompaniment?? (thanks FiVe)

prettiness! )

also, good job, last year on DVD you'd rushed a bit at the end. but this time round you have a good tempo going xD
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Watch/Listen!! -->  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybBIy2CQGDw

In R-One KAT-TUN 9/22, Maru's talking about a (dating?) game and he can tell the characters are definitely KAT-TUN. saying five members of KT are there, Koki, Taguchi, Ueda, Akakame,... but the only one not there is himself (he is very sad about this)! lol Tatchan is laughing cutely at all this. Poor Maru...

but first of all, why does he even know about these games??!
and then "akakame~" it comes out so naturally <3 hmmmmmm......


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